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Why would you only want to see this....
Default SHOUTcast View

... when you could see this?

SHOUTcast Album Washer

With Winamp for Android version 1.4.3 and Album Washer, you don't have to. If you are an Album Washer user, go to Settings >> SHOUTcast Album Art or by long pressing on the SHOUTcast Now Playing screen.

The Album Washer add-on was launched in June of this year as an in-app purchase ($3.99 USD) from the Winamp Add-on store. See the Album Washer tutorial for more details, but basically it's a tool that helps you clean up your personal music library. In other words, it updates incorrect or missing track information and gives you the option to download high quality album art.

In our latest release (1.4.3), Album Washer will also display high quality album art for SHOUTcast stations. The feature is turned off by default so users will have to first enable it from the Winamp Settings screen or by long holding on SHOUTcast Now Playing.

Enable SHOUTcast Album Art Setting
(Note to Lyrics users: the Now Playing long press function is disabled when Lyrics are turned on.)

The new SHOUTcast album artwork feature in Album Washer is based on a metadata look-up, so the accuracy of the look-up depends on the quality of the data provided by the SHOUTcast station broadcaster.

Tired of mumbling the words to your favorite songs? Now you don't have to! The Lyrics add-on for Winamp for Android displays lyrics and automatically scrolls in time with the song you're listening to (lyric synchronization is not available on all songs). Available now in the Google Play store for only $2.99.

To get the Lyrics, download the latest version of Winamp for Android (v1.4) from Google Play. Launch Winamp and from the Home screen tap on the icon for the Winamp Store and then select Lyrics from the list of add-ons.

Winamp Store - Lyrics Screen

The Lyrics add-on supports millions of songs from over 40,000 artists and 200,000 albums. All the lyrics are licensed and royalties are paid to the publishers and songwriters. The lyrics add-on is available for users in: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. With more countries coming online in the future.

Turning Lyrics On:
From the Now Playing Screen, tap the screen to reveal the overlay menu. The fourth icon from the left (see picture below) is the Lyrics toggle.
Lyrics Off
Lyrics Off

Tap the icon once to show Lyrics on top of album art. Tap it a second time to hide the album art. Or tap it a third time to turn Lyrics off again.

The Free version of Winamp offices users a Lyrics preview of the first few lines of the song (Lyric sync not available).

Lyrics On showing Album ArtLyrics On not showing Album Art

Lyrics Synchronization
With Lyrics on, you'll notice an icon in the top right-hand corner of the Now Playing screen. This icon lets you know the status of the Lyrics. Tap the icon to reveal the notifier which will give you additional track information including lyric status.

A green icon indicates synced lyrics. Where a yellow icon indicates un-synced lyrics are available. And finally, a red icon indicates that lyrics are not yet available for that track.

Synced Lyrics Available
Synced Lyrics

Lyrics Available (without sync)
Unsynced Lyrics

No Lyrics Found
No Lyrics Found Indicator

Explicit Lyrics:
By default explicit lyrics are turned off. If you want to see the uncensored version of the lyrics, go to the Winamp Home Screen >> Menu >> Settings >> scroll to the end of the settings screen and place a check mark next to "Explicit Lyrics".

Explicit Lyrics Setting

Reporting Wrong Lyrics:
If you notice that the lyrics are incorrect for a certain song, you can send us a report. From the Now Playing screen, select Menu >> "Wrong lyrics?". We'll also give you the option to hide them.

Report Wrong Lyrics

Note: If you are also an Album Washer user, the long hold feature on the Now Playing screen is disabled while lyrics are on. You can still Wash your tracks from any list view or by turning off lyrics and long pressing on the album art in Now Playing.

Check out the Album Washer Tutorial.

Lyrics are provided by LyricFind who manages all lyrics licensing and publishing.

Sing along to your favorite tunes!

The SongFreaks team have built a really cool Lyric service for the Winamp Media Player! With their innovative LyricStream technology, the SongFreaks service will highlight lyric lines in time with the music you are listening to in Winamp. SongFreaks has lyrics to millions of songs in their library, so chances are you'll be singing along in no time.

With SongFreaks You Can:

* See the official lyrics to millions of songs, right in your Winamp player
* Lyrics are hand-checked, accurate, and fully licensed.
* Their fancy LyricStream technology highlights lyric lines in time with the music!
* LyricStream not available for a song? No problem - you can easily add your own
* Look up millions of lyrics (even for songs you don't have in your Winamp library)
* Find information about your favorite artists
* Browse albums and top charts

SongFreaks - Winamp Online Service

Learn more about Song Freaks Online Service at

Click below to add SongFreaks to Winamp:

Winamp for Mac Sync Beta 0.8 is our latest Winamp release for OS X and features album artwork with major performance enhancements. Download the 0.8 from and grab the latest beta from Winamp Labs to keep up to date on our latest builds.

Album Artwork Display
Play your songs on Winamp for Mac with a view of the album artwork in the Now Playing window and below the play queue window. You can toggle the artwork button at the bottom right to turn on/off the album artwork display. The album artwork will also display on your Growl notification.

Drag and Drop Updates
Drag and drop now allows for greater library management within Winamp for Mac. New features with drag and drop include: drag and drop a song from Finder into your library, drag a song or a collection of songs from the library into the playlist node to create a new playlist, and drag and drop of song ordering within playlists and play queue.

Additional Column Views
We have added additional columns to your library view and the ability to hide or show any of these columns. To add and remove columns, right click any sort column in the library view and you will see these options: Title, Artist, Album, Kind, Disc#, # of Discs, Track#, # of tracks, Plays, Composer, Genre, Year and Time. Select the ones which you want shown and Winamp for Mac will update the views.

Performance Enhancements
Users with large media libraries will notice a significant difference in the the way Winamp imports, displays and plays back music in this latest version of Winamp for Mac. Upon startup and importing, your media will show up faster and scrolling through your library will be seamless allowing you to manage your library more efficiently.

Fixed Items
The 0.8 release includes various fixes including -
  • Now Playing indicator on playlists view showing in the wrong column
  • Volume slider mute and unmute states
  • Crash when importing music folders
  • Crash when trying to Wifi sync with Winamp for Android
  • Assorted bugs

Download Winamp for Mac Sync Beta today.

Download Winamp for Android.

To get early access to Winamp products in development check out Winamp Labs.

An awesome new Now Playing experience is available in the Winamp Media Player (PC Desktop) with an updated design and new content.

New Winamp Now Playing

The new Now Playing is full of exciting features:

Responsive Design:
You'll now see a tablet reader style design that's responsive to your player size and fits neatly alongside your player controls. Want to see more content? Make your player bigger and more stories will float in. Need to save space? Make your player smaller and stories will float to a new smaller page size. You will find yourself doing this over and over just to watch the cool animation.

Auto-Refresh & Search:
Now Playing refreshes with every track change to display content about the artist of the currently playing track. This is a great companion for listening to a SHOUTcast radio station or Winamp playlist.

Top Content & Specific Content Sections:
Each Now Playing artist page is presented in a modular intuitive design, with a "TOP" tab – which presents the top article, video, latest tour dates, and bio summary, and sections - for drilling down into each content type section (e.g. all videos for the artist).

New Backend:
We've added new partners to a shiny new real-time backend to provide better content, cover more artists, and deliver a faster experience.

Top Content:
Relegence, a neighbor here at Aol, aggregates articles in real time about each artist. We've also teamed with the biggest names in music content: Vevo for videos, Wikipedia for bios, Musicbrainz for artist directory and discographies, and Jambase for tour dates (and we're not stopping here – stay tuned for more).

Fire up your Winamp, check out Now Playing, and hit the feedback link on the top right to let us know what you think!

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