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Winamp For Mac Beta

Winamp For Mac Beta

Mac Mission

The goal of the Winamp for Mac Beta is to evolve into the full featured media player that the Winamp Media Player for Windows in know as, that is the Ultimate Media Player for the Mac OSX platform. The Winamp Labs page provides users with access to our latest experiments. Even though the publicly promoted product is still in a “Beta“, the versions of the app available for download on this page and through the “Beta Channel“ are even newer and are updated more frequently.

How To Use

We have set up a “Beta Channel” directly inside the Winamp for Mac application. Click the “Download” button on this page and after completing the install, simply go to the “About Winamp” page in the app and click the channel name at the bottom of the window. It will be the text link that says either “release” or “beta”. You will then see a menu where you can select which channel to subscribe to. If you want to be a part of our Beta Team, then please subscribe to the “Beta” channel. One of the advantages of being on the beta team is you’ll be offered new features well in advanced of users who are subscribed to the standard “Release” channel.

Feedback, Tell Us Everything

The builds in the ”Beta Channel” include features that are still under development and we are making them available for you to try out! Once you’ve had a chance to use the new features, please send us feedback on how you think they are working. You can provide us feedback in the application from the Help menu, or by sending us mail directly to [email protected]. You can also participate in a forum we’ve set up specifically for the product Winamp for Mac.

This Llama May Bite

While the features in the “Beta Channel” have been in development for a while, these “beta” versions of product are not yet “release” ready and crashes and data loss are possible. We are also potentially testing features that may or may not make the final release. We hope you will try the new features and share your experience by sending feedback & participating in our forum. Thank you for helping us build a better Winamp!

Winamp Cloud is coming soon to Winamp for Mac…

What’s New in Winamp for Mac Beta

  • Version 0.8.1, Build 13
  • Album Artwork Display
  • Album Artwork Display on Growl
  • Drag and Drop hover over Playlist node to create a new Playlist
  • Drag and Drop hold state when adding a new song to an existing Playlist
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Right Click option to select column views
  • Volume slider mute and un-mute states
  • Crash when syncing over wireless connection
  • Crash when importing music folder
  • Assorted bugs