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Citrus DSP - Citrus DSP improves sound quality

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Citrus DSP
by Ruchira Hasaranga
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Oct 25, 2011
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Citrus DSP improves sound quality

Citrus DSP is a dsp plug-in which can improve sound quality using EBS technology. Citrus artificially generates bass signal and mix it with original signal to improve the sound quality.Tuning steps:First you have to select proper bass frequency using Bass Freq slider.Then adjust bass gain using Bass Gain slider. if you use EBS, it is better to set this value less than half. If you hear noisy bass, then use this slider instead of EBS gain slider.Adjust treble frequency (mostly, i put slider into left side)Adjust treble gainAdjust preamp gain (final output of system)Enable EBS & set EBS frequency slider value less than half.Increase EBS gain

Staff Review:
Bass Enhancer

This does what it said though is probably not for those people wanting a more rounded sound as it is mainly focused at bass. Only other issue is how it doesn't fit in with the current Winamp skin (appears as the screenshot). Additionally it does not follow Winamp's settings folder so is unlikely to save changed when used on Vista or Windows 7.

Originality: 4.0
Completeness: 3.5
Aesthetics: 3.5
Overall: 4.0
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